This beauty tutorial isn’t like any you’ve ever seen before.

Why? Well because the woman behind it, Reshma, is a victim of a sulfuric acid attack, a reality for women in India, as as many as 1,000 acid attacks are reported to happen in India each year. Almost 90 per cent of these victims are women.

What’s the motive? Normally a man seeking revenge when a woman rejects his marriage proposal or sexual advances.

In Resha’s case, it was her brother-in-law who did this to her face. He allegedly threw sulfuric acid on her face while she was visiting Northern India to take an exam. As a result, Reshma lost her left eye, and her right eye is partially closed and infected. She suffers from severe burns and disfigurement and will need cosmetic surgery to repair the muscles around her mouth.

Reshma urges viewers to sign the Make Love Not Scars petition in a bid to ban the over-the-counter sale of acid, which is currently as easy to purchase as a red lipstick.

Source: Marie Claire

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