This is so genius we are raging we didn’t think of it first!

Nearly everyone on Instagram knows bloggers are making some serious cash by posting pics of outfits they are wearing and linking the clothes within their account.

Users then click the links and BAM – the blogger has made commission without really trying that hard to sell something.

In the past a couple of things have been necessary to make this profitable.

1) a pretty large following and 2) access to a constant stream of fashionable on trend clothing.

But a new app is here to change that!

Project September aims to operate like a really visual shopper-friendly Pinterest.


Pictures will inspire but will also facilitate shoppers.

And the best thing? Anyone can post a great image, link it to whatever is shown within the pic and then benefit when someone clicks to buy!

And if you’re really lazy about it you can stand to earn 6.5 to 10 per cent just by sharing!

With the hashtag #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) already at 82 MILLION posts on Instagram, it looks likely that this app will really take off.

You can get it now from the Apple app store.


Source Elle

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