If you’re into your beauty products – and a bit of a bargain hunter – do I have the surprise for you.

I came across something at my local Daiso store, which is like a Japanese $2 shop.

Well $2.80 to be exact.

There are SO many weird and wonderful things in there, for whatever you could possibly want.

From stationary, to homewares, to food – and even cosmetics.

The cool thing practically EVERYTHING is $2.80, with only a couple of exceptions.

The thing I found in Daiso was a make-up brush cleanser; something I wanted, but didn’t want to spend heaps of money on.


Turns out, I didn’t have to. This is seriously amazing stuff.

I just squirt some into a little container and swish my make-up brush around until the product has all transferred into the liquid – and off the brush.

Then I rinse and repeat if necessary until the water runs clear under the tap.

It also smells AMAZING!

So, how can it save you hundreds?


I spoke to professional make-up artist Emma Gerrie to find out…

“By regularly cleaning your brushes, you need to buy new ones LESS often. Using a brush with old product on it won’t pick up all the pigment of a new product as well as a clean brush.

A freshly-cleaned brush would mean you could get a better result using less product, whereas if you used a brush that needed washing it may not apply to your skin very well, so you may need more product to get the perfect look you’re after.”


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