WARNING: graphic images.

Have you always wanted to be bustier, but didn’t want to shell out the $10k+ for a boob job? You’re not alone.

One Serbian security guard who was too cheap to pay for his girlfriend’s boob job created the ultimate invention to enhance his partner’s chest area.

It’s a ‘miracle vibrating bra’, and it can effectively increase the size of a woman’s breasts by a whole cup size without surgery. Currently under clinical trial in America, the preliminary trials in Serbia were hugely successful.

The patented bra has already been tested by two American women, under the supervision of two specialist doctors, and the results have been extremely promising.

Sabrina Molinar, a 49-year-old woman, saw her breasts increase from a B to a C cup after she wore the bra for just 15 minutes a day over a week.


According to a report on the Daily Mail, Sabrina had the following to say about her trial:

“I was a 36B before but now I think I’ be a lot more comfortable in a C cup although I haven’t been out to buy any new bras yet. I definitely feel like I fill clothes a little better and it feels good. If I give somebody a hug I have to accommodate for them – it feels different and I’m just not used to them yet. There was a definite change for me.”

Andrea, who like Sabrina is also from Miami, tested the brain May and saw her breasts enlarge to a 34C from a 32B.

”Obviously I was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true but after I used the bra it was just amazing – I’ve had to purchase new bigger bras and everything,” she said.

So how does it work? Similar to how erm… male enlargements work, the vibration of the bra pumps blood to the breasts and increases blood flow to improve circulation.


Source: Viral Thread

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