We’ve all heard of the cult skincare brand The Ordinary by now, they’re making waves in the skincare world for their awesome products.

Now they’re taking more steps into cosmetics properly with their second makeup item, a concealer that only costs $10.80 and you won’t believe it, it comes in 36 different shades!


So almost EVERYONE can finally find a shade for them.

It boasts full-coverage with a semi-matte finish and apparently it looks very very natural which is what you want to hear!

As a user of The Ordinary products myself, I can’t toot their horn enough – toot! toot!

The concealer comes with a thin applicator so you won’t accidentally squirt obscene amounts of the stuff on yourself, very considerate of them.


The letters that follow the numbers in the shade range are to signify your undertone, so either you know yourself or you can ask any worker at a half-decent makeup store to tell you whether you’re P- pink, N- Neutral, Y-yellow or R-red.

Undertone makes a HUGE difference so I really recommend finding out what you are before purchasing a concealer.

The product launches next week January the 19th and will be available wherever you can find The Ordinary products… well ordinarily.

Ie) Priceline, Myer and online

But if their foundation launch was anything to go by, get in quick, because that product saw a waiting line of 75, 000 people!

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