With the number of new coronavirus cases being recorded across the state each day continuing to ease, Victorians are asking what the number may need to be before restrictions begin to be eased.

According to one infectious disease expert, that number is 20 with an asterisk.

Deakin University Professor Catherine Bennett told the Herald Sun that a level of 20 new daily cases could be a trigger to ease restrictions, but only if the state had little-to-no ‘mystery’ cases.

“I think it’s going to be based on the mystery cases more than the overall number,” Professor Bennett told the Herald Sun.

Numbers are predicted to fall to around 60 new cases, with experts predicting that number to fall further to single digits by the weekend.

Yesterday, Victoria recorded 73 new cases across the state, with the total number of people returning positive tests now sitting at 19,080.

However, despite the ongoing drop in new cases, Victoria yesterday recorded 41 new deaths at the hands of the virus.


There are now 453 people in hospital across the state, with 21 of those in intensive care.

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