When getting a tattoo it’s hard enough deciding what to get, but then you’ve got to decide WHERE on the body to put it. 

And it’s not like once it’s done you can just move it to somewhere else… So maybe knowing where others tend to get inked up will help you decide where to get (or avoid) that permanent piece of body art. 

The researchers from the University of Chicago found out where the most common places were for males and females to get tattoos, with this being their results…


– 48% have a tattoo on their arms

– 22% have tattoos on their upper back

– 2% have a tattoo on their bums



– 15% have tattoos on their ankle

– 14% have a tattoo on their upper back/shoulders

– 11% have tattoos on their chest 

– 4% have tattoos on their arms


But the most interesting question asked by the researchers was: “Do you ever regret getting a tattoo?”

14 percent of respondents said “yes”… which is actually pretty low! 

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