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Before you even consider putting on your sneakers for a jog, stop now and read this – it may just change your mind!

The latest research has shown that couples can burn almost the same number of calories during an hour of sex as they can during a 30 minute jog.

Scientists found that in just half an hour of ‘special cuddles’, men burned 120 calories and women 90 – just under half of what they’d expend after hitting the pavement for the same amount of time.

In some instances the men were found to have briefly used more energy then they would on a treadmill.

The study, Energy Expenditure During Sexual Activity in Young Healthy Couples, from the University of Quebec concluded that: ‘These results suggest that sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise’.

Sounds like a good excuse to hit the sack to us!


Via Mail Online

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