If you were asked, you’d probably say that a woman’s sexual peak is in her late 20s, or early 30s. We’ve always been a little more mature than the guys in that sense, who are normally peaking sexually in their late teens and into their 20s – some never slipping at all as they age!

Another thing you’d know is that your sex life is said to decrease rapidly after you get married – and unfortunately researchers have found this to be true.

However, what those same researchers also found, according to an article on Cosmopolitan.com, is that your sex life lights up again after 50!

Yep, The New York Times published an article referencing the archives of sexual behaviour, which found that out of 1,656 adults, 65 per cent in their first year of marriage were having sex upwards of three times a month. That number then dropped to 40 per cent after 25 years of marriage, 35 per cent at 50, but then shot up to 42 per cent once adults hit the ripe old age of 65 – and it keeps climbing!

“Sexual frequency doesn’t return to two to three times a month, but it moves in that direction,” said Samuel Stroope, the lead author of the study.

Reow! There’s hope for all of us yet!

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