As Melbourne goes back into stage 3 lockdowns, the high numbers of COVID-19 in the community has meant that more people are in hospital.

The number of patients with serious COVID-19 infections has climbed steadily and sharply over the past week.

And while the number of hospitalisations was higher in early April, under initial Victorian lockdown measures, numbers are still trending upward.

Under the first lockdown, however, the majority of recorded cases had been acquired overseas. Now only 10 per cent of new virus cases across the country fit that bill.

This time, clusters are responsible for a large number of new cases across the city, with some growing larger.

The Al-Taqwa College outbreak is now known to be responsible for around 100 new cases, making it tougher for health authorities to track and contain the virus’s spread.

The news comes as Victoria records a further 134 new cases of the virus overnight, following a horror week of statistics.


Health authorities are hopeful that the newly implemented lockdowns will curb the spread of the virus, but concede that there will be a lag in the data reflecting the renewed restrictions.


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