A woman has been left wheelchair-bound for life after a piercing caused a serious infection.

Shortly after Layane Dias, 20, got her nose pierced in July 2018, it started to bleed a bit, but thought nothing of it.

Not long after, Layane experienced pains in her legs and her temperature began to soar.

Her condition then worsened so much that her mum had to help her bathe.

“I thought it was a spot, but it caused a fever. I treated it myself, I put creams on it and a week later it disappeared,” she told local Brazilian media.

“I could not feel anything from the breasts down.”


She was rushed to hospital after the ‘unbearable’ pain in her legs developed into numbness which prevented her from walking and lost control of her bladder.

Doctors, however, struggled to diagnose her before finding the bacteria ‘Staphylococcus aureus’ in her bloodstream.

Layane said she was then asked by doctors if she had any cuts on her nose as that is the area of the body where the bacteria normally developed. It was then she revealed that her nose piercing was recent.


An MRI revealed that Layane had pus pressing against three of her spinal vertebrae.

Her surgeon said he hadn’t seen a case like hers in his 15-year career but that it was “very probable and plausible” that the piercing caused the infection which triggered her paraplegia.

The Staphylococcus aureus bacteria lives in the noses of around 30 percent of people, it can also result in a staph infection but most carriers of it don’t fall ill but it can become dangerous if it enters the bloodstream.

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