A bride in the USA has left many people stunned after she slammed people for turning up to her wedding without a gift..

In the middle of a pandemic, when thousands have lost their jobs.

The bride from North Carolina, took to Facebook to say that only seven of her 65 guests brought gifts with them.

“By gifts, I mean two coffee makers, one fancy crockpot and four cards with cheques in them,” the woman wrote in her post.

“Whenever I have gone to weddings in the past I’ve always given the bride and groom a card with a $100 cheque in it.

“We had on our website that we were not registered anywhere, and we had a box set up for gifts and a honeymoon fund.

“The four cheques totalled about $400.”


The bride went on to say that was ‘ridiculous’ that guests thought it was OK to bring nothing to the wedding.

“If money is tight then I feel they should have declined the invitation in the wedding in the first place,” she said.

“You don’t go to something that you cannot afford, especially at the expense of someone else.

“I was completely shocked.

“I wasn’t trying to be ungrateful but you know, I just don’t know too many people that buy a bride a groom a damn coffee pot or crockpot as a wedding gift.

“Please contribute to the honeymoon fund if you would like to give a gift.”


Some commenters agreed saying, “If you don’t give a gift when you attend a wedding that’s tacky and rude.”

While others said “At the end of the day you invite people because you want them to be there, not because you want them to give you something.’’


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