A new study has linked the rate of transmission of Coronavirus with the weather.

Researchers from the University of Sydney and the Fudan University School of Public Health in Shanghai say that low humidity appears to increase the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

The study, which was undertaken in June, focused on Greater Sydney and prompted the thoughts that the drier the air, the more likely Coronavirus is to spread.

The study was confirmed in a second study, which was published in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

“This second study adds to a growing body of evidence that humidity is a key factor in the spread of COVID-19,” Epidemiologist Professor Michael Ward said.
Ward said that drier air makes aerosols smaller.

“When you sneeze and cough those smaller infectious aerosols can stay suspended in the air for longer,” he said.

“That increases the exposure for other people. When the air is humid and the aerosols are larger and heavier, they fall and hit surfaces quicker.”


To counteract all of this movement, it is recommended that people wear face masks.

“This suggests the need for people to wear a mask, both to prevent infectious aerosols escaping into the air in the case of an infectious individual and exposure to infectious aerosols in the case of an uninfected individual,” Professor Ward said.

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