Sebastian Herrick weighed just 672g grams when he was born.

At just 27 weeks and two days pregnant, Jess Herrick found out that her son was no longer safe inside her womb.

After a 20-week scan, doctors discovered that Sebastian was too small, with test results showing that his mother’s placenta wasn’t delivering him enough nutrients and oxygen.

If they left it for another 24 hours, experts say little Sebastian could have become a very sick baby.

Sebastian was born – weighing only 672 grams. His father, Mark Pietryk, describes the shock of seeing his fragile, premature newborn son, telling The Herald Sun, “I looked at him and thought; you should still be in there, mate,” the father-of-three said.


Now three-weeks-old, with nine more weeks of developing to do in Hospital before his ‘due’ date, Sebastian fits into the palms of his father’s hands.

Experts say the strong little boy is incredibly lucky to have survived.

It’s a disturbing fact that more than one in 130 pregnancies in Australia end in stillbirth.

According to The Herald Sun, ‘the hope of Mercy Health clinician-researchers is to more accurately pinpoint the “sweet spot” for delivering babies at risk of prematurity and stillbirth like Sebastian; buying them more time inside without risking their health.’

This strong Melbourne family’s story brings fundraising group PramJam into the spotlight – who are raising money to fast-track these projects to prevent stillbirth and complications from babies being born prematurely.

Source / Main Image: Herald Sun


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