When gyms were shut due to the coronavirus outbreak, anywhere that stocked fitness equipment was wiped of any stock they had. People across the country were forced to get creative, using their wine bottles for weights and following YouTube videos replacement of their kickass trainers. What a time.

Now it turns out the biggest spike in sales has come from bikes, which is no doubt one of the fastest ways to burn some calories. So much so, department stores can’t keep up!

Big W reported that they’ve had a whopping 88 per cent increase on March compared to the same time as last year. Kmart also sold out of bikes online and have limited stock in their stores.

Bike manufacturer Giant Sydney has had trouble keeping up with demand.

“We’re the new toilet paper and everyone wants a piece,” Manager of Giant Sydney Grant Kaplan told Guardian Australia.

“We can’t keep up with sales. Literally the phone is ringing non-stop.”

Many people are opting for the type of exercise as a way of avoiding transmission, but regardless of your reasons, it’s great to hear people are choosing to be active. Let’s hope there will be enough bikes to go around for everyone!



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