Let’s face it, very few of us are getting the recommended eight hours sleep a night we’re supposed to be getting.

In a bid to squeeze more time out of our day we tend to do most of our socialising during the evening.

Whether it be long conversations on the phone to our mates, lurking on social media or seeing friends and family many of us like to sacrifice sleep for socialising and it’s playing havoc with how we look.

Dark circles, dehydrated skin, laclustre hair and hollow cheeks are all signs we’re not getting enough shut eye, but fear not there IS a way to make it look like you’ve gotten the right amount of sleep, you just have to cheat a little.

When it comes to your cheeks the trick is to stay away from using powder. Powder does not sit well on dry skin and will only serve to make it more dull. Instead use a cream blush with some shimmer in it to give your skin an extra boost.


They say eyes are the window to the soul and if we are running on too little sleep our eyes are the first to give the game away! A great hack is using white eyeliner along the waterline to better open up your eye. And to really open those bad boys up try using a good quality eyelash curler with two coats of mascara applied afterwards, this will really help when it comes to looking more alert and awake.

Finally, although you may feel tempted to cake on heavy foundation to hide the bad side effects of not catching enough zzzz’z, try to avoid applying too much heavy duty foundation, as it will get caught in your fine lines and more than likely it won’t sit well on your face as the day goes on.

Instead use a great reflective primer with a good BB cream on top. Your skin will be able to breathe and you’ll feel better throughout the day too!

Source Vogue