If you’ve ever read any sealed sections, you’d be aware of myths like guzzling pineapple in a bid to make your vagina taste sweeter.

The same has been rumoured to make a guy’s ‘stuff’ taste better – sweeter – too.

Why is that? What’s with the fascination?

Well it’s no wonder people feel self conscious. Think about it, it’s hard not to!

The term ‘fishy’ is often linked to ladies nether regions, and even though it’s a sweeping generalisation, most women go to great lengths to ensure their lady bits are as amazing – and as far from ‘fishy’ – as could be.

Ladies, fear not! According to an article on Elite Daily, your vagina smells exactly the way they’re supposed to, bar a serious infection.

Your partner is programmed to like the way your vagina smells, as his hormones are telling him to get up in there and procreate with you!


In fact, the way your vagina tastes and smells is directly connected to the pH balance. If something tastes or smells off, it is most likely to do with the pH balance being off.

The same article describes the taste of a vagina to have ‘an almost metallic taste and/or odor because of their high levels of acidity. Again, this is all based on pH levels. Women’s vaginal odor and taste vary.’

Interestingly, how your nether regions taste can be a directly reflection of your smoking habits. MyVag.com quaintly puts it, “Smoking gives your vulva ashtray breath.” So, yes being a smoker does alter the way your vagina tastes because the chemicals you’re inhaling into your lungs seep into your bloodstream.

Alcohol has a similar effect, as do the following foods: spices, onions, garlic, red meat, dairy, asparagus and brocolli!

Want to make it taste better? The rumours are true! Pineapple DOES help, along with kiwifruit, blurberries, mango, green tea, cucumber and parsley!

Source: Elite Daily

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