Extreme pollen levels have been forecast for Sunday in Melbourne as hayfever season continues to take hold across the month of November. 

The levels are measured by how much grass pollen is in the air. For example, Low is 1-9, Moderate is 10-49, High is 50-99 and Extreme is 100 and above.

Combined with north to north-westerly winds, those with hayfever and asthma could be at risk and should avoid exposure.

During this time, the best way to look after yourself is to avoid storms, learn first aid and have a hayfever and asthma plan ready in case you start to feel unwell.

If you experience wheezing, shortness of breath or a tight chest, consult a GP.

Today’s forecast (Thursday, November 12) is a HIGH level

but will drop to a moderate level on Friday.


You can keep up to date on forecasts on the Melbourne Pollen Count app here.

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