If you ever needed an excuse to smile, we’re about to give it to you!

According to Elite Singles a smile is one of the most important weapons in our arsenal when looking for love. Here’s five reasons why…

1. You’ll become a much better flirt

Just by smiling you stress less, which increases endorphins and serotonin – which will make you feel happy.  A happier you is a more charming you – you’ll be able to think clearer, engage in conversation better and feel confident enough to flirt like a pro!

2. You’ll look hotter than when wearing make-up

A recent survey found that 69% of people found a smiling, natural face more attractive than someone wearing makeup and not smiling. Still need convincing?  By going au naturale… it conveys a quiet self-confidence and shows that you’re an honest and upfront person (you get what you see).  Even better – there’s no need to torture yourself trying to remove the layers of makeup at the end of the night!

3. You’ll sound sweeter


We’re not kidding! Not only does smiling create more fluid sound waves (instant sex appeal!), it makes you feel happier and relaxed – which is also conveyed in your voice.

4. You’ll appear more trustworthy

Studies show people are more likely to trust someone who smiles more (pretty obvious really). Added bonus, slow smiles are interpreted as more trustworthy, genuine and even flirtatious!

5. You’ll pick up more

This one’s for the girls. Think your flirty eyes are effective? One study found that women who used eye contact were approached 20% of the time while flirting at a bar. Add a smile and it instantly increased to 60%!

So there’s no excuse – it’s time to get smiling!


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