Everyday that we get further into the year, we notice our summer glow fading. It’s devastating.

It also means that we’re going to have to stock up on the bottles of fake tan.

But there are some downsides to fake tanning, one major one being the staining of your sheets. 

Waking up to that brown body-shaped patch on your crisp white sheets is far from a delight, BUT there is actually a way to avoid this occurrence!

Cult fake tan brand Bondi Sands has taken to Facebook to reveal a handy tip that could have saved copious sets of white sheets had we known earlier:


Yes, baby powder is the answers to our fake tan woes! Dusting yourself in a light coat will help to absorb your sweat and prevent transfer.

Tanning technicians have used this tactic for years, with expert Anna Stankiewicz telling Allure back in 2014 that she never tans without it.

Anna recommends getting yourself a large, fluffy makeup brush and dusting yourself from top to toe with a generous puff of baby powder.

It absorbs any odours, oils and sweat without messing up your tan and preventing that post-spray stickiness.

Helloooo to being a tanned goddess without ruined sheets! 

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