The state’s chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton has opened up about how the COVID-19 crisis in Victoria affected his personal life throughout 2020.

Speaking alongside his Queensland counterpart Dr Jeannette Young on the Taking Care podcast, Professor Sutton spoke about how the pandemic has stretched him as a parent.

He said that his ongoing physical and mental absence from home had led to guilt and grief.

“I felt awful as a father, I felt I was with my children but absent for weeks and weeks on end,” he told the podcast.

He went on to credit his family for their support through 2020, saying that his family, meditation and professional support helped him through the tough times.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young opened up about what kind of reception her decisions were met with in the Sunshine State.

“I did get some pretty nasty death threats, but the response from the Premier and the police who then protected me, indeed the response from 99.9 per cent of Queenslanders, was fantastic,” Dr Young told the podcast.

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