As the coronavirus vaccine rollout continues to unfold across Victoria, many people are wondering when their category will be able to get the jab – and who will be first in the pecking order.

Over the past few weeks, some politicians were the first in line to receive the vaccine as a way to prove to the public it was safe to receive. It’s no surprise that other leaders in the community have been asked when they are due to get vaccinated.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has taken to social media to answer that question, and it turns out he’s not in any rush.

In a little Q&A session on Wednesday night, Sutton said he’ll get the coronavirus jab “whenever it’s offered” to him.

“Probably a few weeks from now,” he said.

“And whatever vaccine is offered. The Pfizer vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine are both excellent.”

However, Sutton is hoping to receive AstraZeneca.

“There’s a lot of commentary about both vaccines and AZ is being framed as the ‘poorer cousin’.

“But they’re both highly protective, safe, and here already.

“So whatever I get, I’ll be confident that it protects me, my family and community.”