There has been a big increase in the amount of DIY beauty tutorials springing up on YouTube lately.

Everything from making your own blackhead removal mask to creating gorgeous highlighters from mixing eyeshadows, if it can be done, there’s sure to be a YouTube blogger to show you how!

This next tutorial really caught our eye because it only uses just two ingredients and one of them is glue, that goes… on your mouth.

Nora Mansour and Ani Esmailian, from LA, have busted out this crazy tutorial to show their subscribers how to achieve a long-lasting lip stain from using just glue and food colouring.

They say it’s awesome because you can control what type of colour you end up with every time, along with the depth of colour you get from the end result.

They heavily advise not to eat the glue (yeah, no s**t) and you also have to sit with your moth open for ten minutes while to dries.


Surely buying a lip stain would just be easier?

We’re not certain about this one but the video IS strangely hypnotising….

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