This isn’t fear mongering, we refuse to do that.

What we will do is deliver to you guys what everyone is saying so you can make educated opinions!

Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Paul Kelly, has stated that between 20% to 60% of the population could end up catching coronavirus.

“This is an infection disease…the death rate is about 1%…for people over the age of 60, they are more susceptible to this disease…we are finding that the death rate is quite high”

With these stats if we do the math- 20% of 24 million, which is Australia’s current population, results in 4.8 million people getting infected.

With a 1% death rate, out of 4.8 million people we would see 50, 000 killed from the virus.

If the epidemic spikes and we see a 60% infection rate, this is a worst case scenario, we see that number jump 15 million people being infected and 1% is 150, 000 deaths.


Kelly also stated..“For children and for young adults, the death rate is extremely low” which means we should be taking all these precautions for our elderly! 

All these self-isolation tactics are so we can start “slowing the curve of the epidemic” and saving our grandparents.

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