Written By Georgia Prescott

As the country heads into a bizarre new world, most of us are going to be inside and we are going to run out of ways to pass the time (there’s only so many times you can refresh your Facebook page),  we’ve put together a little list to help get you through!

  1. Read a book! Here’s a great link to books to read in a life time. Get reading!
  2. Start a virtual book club to talk about all those books you’ve been reading! Facetime your friends and read between the wines…. See what I did there?
  3. Speaking of wine, ever wanted to become a sommelier or just kinda-vaguely-sort-of know what you’re looking for when the waiter lets you try the wine and you pretend to smell it and then take a sip and say ‘yes that’s good’. Me too. There’s some great at-home wine tasting courses waiting for you to try! Here’s what looks to be a good one (from someone who knows nothing about wine…)
  4. Learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to play… *note, buy instrument (online) first.
  5. Binge-watch an entire series you’ve never seen. You know nothing… about Game Of Thrones?  That’s 2 days, 22 hours and 14 minutes of entertainment right there!
  6. Speaking of binge-watching, how about binge-listening, get these in your earholes!
  7. Marie Kondo your house! First, watch Marie Kondo. Then put the advice into action and organise those drawers/pantry/bedroom…life?!
  8. Actually, yes, Marie Kondo your life. Get on top of all that life admin you’ve been putting off, forever. Find My Super, sure why not…. Seems like a good time to know where your money is I suppose?
  9. Talking of stressful situations. Learn to de-stress with these online meditation and yoga courses. Namaste home for the foreseeable future.
  10. Learn to play chess. Check. Mate.
  11. Checkmates are okay…. (cleverly done..) with house party.
  12. Play Ready Steady Cook with the rations you have in your cupboard (but make sure it tastes nice and not wasted because you might not be able to get those ingredients again…)
  13. Write a journal. Sah deep. But, might be interesting to look back at ‘that time I survived the end of the world’ when you’re 80.
  14. Or… Write that book you’ve always wanted to write! I see you future Carrie Bradshaws.
  15. Teach an old dog new tricks. Check out these clever floofs for inspo. (I’m not sure what I just watched either)
  16. Call your family. But seriously, they would love to hear from you. Even though there’s probably not much too update them on given you are confined to four walls 24/7. But worth a try.
  17. Slow down, connect, and take it as a time to reset….. Because ya’ll know when we’re on the other side it’s gon’ get CRAY.
  18. Most importantly, stay healthy!


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