In a world where we can use apps and filters to slim down, tan up, make our eyes bigger, our legs longer and our skin, well… blurrier, it can be hard to know what real beauty is.

So when Marie Southard Ospina, a plus-size woman from the UK, sent a photo of herself to Photoshop experts around the world, she was surprised that only 3 out of 21 of them attempted to make her look slimmer.

It seems that even though some of us have a warped sense of what beauty means, most of us have it just right. Phew!

The best bit? After asking thee Icelandic experts to take part, and receiving rejections each time, she discovered that they wouldn’t use Photoshop. In fact, the country also banned weight discrimination in 2013. Say it with me, ‘amazing!’

Check out a few of the photoshopped photos from the experts…

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