It’s almost the ‘omg I have to show my legs’ time of year again. I for one know that I’ve had a few too many pork roasts and apple pies this winter. Here are some Spring diet tips to ease us in to the ‘omg I have to be in bikinis soon’ Summer diet.

Go alcohol free
A 1 to 2 week stint of no drinking will help kick start your weight loss. Two wines per evening total a whopping 220 calories. That’s the equivalent of 2 chocolate tim tams! And no, you are not allowed to replace your evening wine by devouring a packet of indulgent biscuits.

Go for a daily 20 minute brisk walk
There is no excuse now that it’s getting warmer. A 20 minute brisk walk at lunch time has many benefits, including increased productivity in the afternoon. It is also a proactive way to promote weight loss. Furthermore, you will get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Drink more water
Did you know that when your body is dehydrated, your mind can think you are hungry? Try drinking a glass of water instead of grabbing a snack. Water can even help to burn calories – the process of burning calories requires a sufficient supply of water in order to function efficiently.


Ditch your morning latte
If you are a coffee nut like me then this one will be hard to stick to. But are you fully aware of how many calories are in these bad boys? Try ditching the sugar and milk. And stick to a small size. Both your waist line and purse will thank you.

Watch your portion sizes
This one is a no brainer for keeping slim. And one that may be the hardest to abide by. Google a portion size tool to provide you with a clear understanding of how much is too much!

Keep a food diary
Recording everything you eat makes you not only aware of how much you are eating but makes you more accountable for WHAT you are eating. Try as an online resource.


Eat mindfully
Put down your pen and paper, stop sweeping the floor and picking up those toys, sit down, breathe, chew, swallow, taste, enjoy. Eating on the go without thinking and enjoying your food can lead to overeating.

Plan and prepare your snacks and lunch
Preparation is EVERYTHING! By bringing your carrot sticks and salad sandwiches to work, you will avoid temptation.

Now get to it! Our Lara Bingle bodies await us.


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