Say it isn’t so! We’ve recently discovered a few ways that we can actually be making our periods WORSE and we had no idea.

They’re already bad as it is, but if we can avoid doing these things, our situation could be improved.

Are you guilty of any of these?

1. You’re not vigilant about your contraceptive pill

If you forget to take your pill for a few days, or take it irregularly you could get spotting or bleeding. But your period can actually get more intense if your hormone treatment is irregular!

2. Your sleeping pattern is irregular

Try to sleep as regularly as you can. Health Care Women International found that women who sleep in irregular patterns (e.g. nurses) suffer longer and more irregular periods.


3. You stress a lot

Your menstrual cycle is all about hormones, and stress can affect your hormones. It can even cause you to skip it altogether, which can cause more stress.

Try meditation to reduce your stress levels.

4. You drink too much caffeine

Caffeine also affects your stress levels, anxiety and tension, which all influence hormones.

Try to lay off the caffeine while menstruating, even though we know it’ll be hard!


5. You drink excess alcohol

Excessive alcohol makes cramping worse as it lowers magnesium levels which leads to more intense cramping.

6. You’re a gym nut

Going overboard with your training can imbalance your hormones and cause you to skip your period. If you use up too much energy your body will shut down other functions to preserve energy – and your period is one of them!

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