If you were to believe the movies, the big ‘O’ is a given in every sexual encounter – much like waking up with perfect makeup sans the panda eyes.

But let’s face it, in real life an orgasm is more like a mythical creature for many women.

According to The Sun, 70% of women struggle to climax with many never finding their way there.

But there are some simple tips to help you on your way says The Sun’s Dr Pam Spurr.

1: Positivity Helps

Stop thinking it’s never going to happen! Try something new and feel positive about that end reward.

2: Self Discovery


How can you expect your other half to know what makes you tick if you don’t? Time to explore and try some new tricks…

3: Indulge In A Fantasy

Admit it, we all have that fantasy scenario that turns us on. Now’s the time to make it a reality – it just might be the thing to take you out of this world!

4: Stop Stressing

Don’t worry if you don’t orgasm. Don’t make it your whole focus. Enjoy the journey and you’re more likely to find your way there.

5: Stop Faking


How can you ever expect to get there if you cut yourself off by faking it? Be honest with your partner and keep going.

But what about the guys we hear you ask? Check out her tips for the men here

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