Want to know why you’d ever fork out $100 for a toothpaste, especially one made of chocolate? Any normal person would know that stuff will just send you to the dentist’s chair faster.

However there is a big benefit to brushing your teeth with Theodent 300, a toothpaste containing REAL chocolate. Well, cocoa bean at least.

But before you grab the nearest Mars bar and start swirling it around in your mouth, know this – that will straight up send you straight to the dentists chair – the goodness is in the pure cocoa, not sugary chocolate.

You see, cocoa beans contain an ingredient called Rennou™, a nontoxic blend of naturally occuring extract found in chocolate, blended with other minerals and ingredients that help to strengthen the enamel surface of teeth.

Cocoa beans are also supposed to help with teeth whitening too! Score!

At $100, I don’t know if many people will give it a crack – but hey, the packaging is SO shmick, people with stupid amounts of money may just consider it.

Source: Bustle

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