If you’ve noticed weird things happening with your parcels recently, you’re not alone.

Several people have reported that their online shopping ordered from within Victoria has been leaving the state before being delivered.

Melbourne residents have been reporting ordering parcels from other Melbourne suburbs, only to watch the tracking and see them take a trip to Sydney before coming back to Melbourne.

And while we’d all love a holiday to just about anywhere right now, we’re not sure that parcels are the most deserving.

So what’s happening? Australia Post says that it’s simply the way that they’re dealing with COVID-19 right now.

A combination of increased demand owing to stage 4 restrictions and social distancing rules affecting Melbourne’s distribution facilities has led to delays in processing our deliveries.



One frustrated Victorian asked Australia Post to “explain how a parcel that was posted in melbourne to a Melbourne address was processed through a facility NSW.”

AusPost conceded that while the process might seem a bit silly, there is a purpose behind it.

“Our workforce in our Melbourne distribution facilities has been reduced due to Stage 4 restrictions,” Australia Post wrote on Twitter.

“You may see that parcels are being processed & delivered from alternate locations – this will ensure they keep moving quickly whilst adhering to the stage 4 restrictions.”


To the new pair of sneakers I just ordered: Enjoy the holiday guys, must be nice!


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