It has been a long slog of lockdown in Melbourne and there is a good chance you have done almost everything you can think of to cure your boredom.

If you have run out of ideas, we have another one to try out this week – Jase & PJ MONOPOLY!

Thanks to dedicated listener Peter Nguyen, you can now live a day in the life of these two pals. Cure your travel withdrawals by landing on tiles like Beej’s farm in New Zealand and Jase’s Dad’s home in Harvey Bay. You can also head to Jase’s Inflatable Hot Tub, the Hampton Bowls Club, Bluff Road, PJ’s Helicopter and even Producer Alex’s Floor.

Oh, and don’t forget the Chance and Community Chest cards! With scenarios like “Jase Has Complained He Always Shouts Coffee” and “You Were Able To Weasel Your Way Out of This Meet”, it is like you were in the studio!

Grab your Jase & PJ Monopoly Board here.


Grab your Chance & Community Cards here.


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