KIIS is known for giving away some of the biggest and best prizes you can possibly think of. But this time around, we’ve absolutely out done ourselves (Not to toot our own horn or anything).

Last week we announced the mega news of our Free Money Frenzy that will see us give you, our loyal listeners the chance to WIN $5 Million Dollars!!

And we’re giving you guys SO many chances to win as well – At 8AM with Jase and PJ, twice and hour, every hour, ALL DAY while you work, and at 5PM with Will and Woody for the drive home.

But instead of just concentrating on getting yourself on air for the chance to add a life changing $5 MILLION to your bank account, why not start thinking about what you would spend the cash on?

Need some ideas? Forget the mortgage or bills! Here’s five seriously weird, but also seriously cool, things you could buy with $5 Million!

1. 469,483 Big Mac Meals

Love yourself a Maccas trip? Then you’ll be over the moon with just how many free meals yu could score with this kind of moolah!


We’re talking 469,483 Big Mac meals! Don’t go eating them all at once though…

2. Soneva Sushi Private Island

Looking for something a bit more extravagant? Why not buy yourself your own freaking island! Sonya Sushi Private Island is located in the picturesque Maldives!

And with $5 Million in your pocket, it could be YOURS!

The next time you’re getting sick of the daily grind, forget booking a holiday, just jet on over to your personal island for some snorkelling, sun-baking and relaxation!


3. A Gulfstream G150 Private Jet

Of course you might prefer something to get you around rather than the actual location. So why not snag yourself your own private jet?

Live the life of the Chucks and Blairs of the world and fly anywhere in the world that your heart desires at the drop of a hat!

4. Five Private Justin Timberlake Concerts


If you’ve always dreamt of meeting a celebrity, than keep working your butt off to win the $5 million!!

With that sort of cash money you could see yourself getting entertained in a private concert by none other than JT (or really, whichever superstar takes your fancy!)

Of course, you’d have to get them to sign off on the idea. But with a cool $5 mill on offer we reckon they’ll say yes!

5. 30,549 Disneyland Admission Tickets

Disneyland is said to be the happiest place on earth and with this many entry tickets you’ll be smiling from ear to ear for literally the rest of your life!


If hanging out with the likes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, going on rides and watching various Disney characters in live performances tickles your fancy than this would be the perfect purchase for your $5 Million!

Don’t forget to #KeepKIISLoud for your chance to win in our Free Money Frenzy!

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