Woolworths customers have been warned to lookout for a new scam that has already fooled 50,000 Australian in just 10 hours.

The hoax is sent from a ‘Woolworths Store’ Facebook page and is offering a “free grocery box” to anyone who comments on its post.

Already 25,000 people have commented on it and 50,000 people ave shared it onto their family and friends.

In the post, it says “To celebrate our 100th birthday, every single person who shares and comments in the next 24 hours will get one of the Christmas good box (sic) delivered straight to their door on Monday, 30th November.

“Each food box contains groceries worth $100 and a $75 Woolworths vouchers. Limit one Food Box per person.”

A Woolworths spokesperson said “We can confirm that this is not an authorised Woolworths Facebook page and is not affiliated with us in any way,” 


“We encourage our customers to be vigilant of online phishing scams, which seek to imitate well-known brands to collect personal information.

“We will never ask our customers for their personal or banking details in unsolicited communications.

“We report scams to the ACCC’s SCAM Watch and regularly update our Scam Alerts page on our website to help keep customers secure online.”

For more on Woolworths’ fight against scams, head here.

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