Both Coles and Woolworths have dropped their prices for this year with their Western Australian rock lobsters now just $20/lobster across the nation.

As of the 11th of December, both supermarkets announced their 50% price reduction with Woolworths purchasing almost 5x as many lobsters as they usually do in order to support WA trade as international exports face restrictions to do COVID-19.

It doesn’t stop there, Coles saw this and upped one on the same day announcing it had purchased 29 TIMES as many lobsters as it had 1 year ago.

These figures seem crazy but they seem popular with the people- Woolworths has a limit of 4 lobsters, per person, per transaction and Coles will be setting a limit from the 23rd of December so if you need more then head there now!

It would be my pleasure to support WA trade, the least we can do is show our support by eating deliciously, buttery, food for royalty this Christmas.




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