Ever heard of a puffle cone? After reading this, you’ll wish you came up with the idea.

Why? Because puffle cones are going to be the next ‘cronut’ – as in, they’re set to be the latest food that sets the world on fire, or in this case, freezes the world over.

A puffle cone is like EDIBLE BUBBLE WRAP – and you KNOW how much people love bubble wrap, right?!

Ice cream makes me happy #puffle 😋✌️

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Created by the genius minds at Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, California, they had NO idea just how popular puffle cones would get!


Why are they so amazing? Well, the cone is based on the Hong Kong egg waffle (sweet, egg-based batter), which if you’ve eaten before, you’ll know is totally delicious. Better still, the fact that they’re soft and sweet means that you get TWO DESSERTS in ONE!

✨nostalgia✨ #cirquedelacreme #puffle #cauldronicecream 🍦💕

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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