If you like many people follow the classic “first you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it” Oreo eating routine then this may shock you! It’s become a tradition to add the Oreo ‘twist off’ game to the routine. Don’t pretend you don’t do it… we ALL check which side of the cookie the icing is on. Well, a group of engineers with clearly too much time on their hands have cracked the code and worked out how to predict which side gets the icing.

The twist off game was often used to settle disputes as children. Who needs to flip a coin when you’ve got Oreos, right? A group of Princeton graduates experimented until finally figuring it out.

Thanks to a number of complicate machinery and a patient (and hungry) group family and friends they discovered it’s simply down to the manufacturing technique.

South Park hands cookie twist oreo 

In order to successful predict which side the icing will be on just test one cookie from the book. Every other one will turn out the same way!

While Oreo is yet to give away its secrets, the Princeton boy believe that when manufacturing the icing is pumped on to one cookie and ends up sticking better to the first wafer.


Mystery solved.