Make sure you sit down for this one.

Mr Burger, Melbourne’s premier food truck and burger restaurant, has announced they will be giving anyone who legally changes their surname to Burger FREE BURGERS FOR LIFE.

When asked why they were doing it, Mr Burger’s chief marketing said, ”Last week was a pretty heavy week in news, between Brexit, the election and the crazy weather. We thought this was a great way of brightening people’s day.” 

“It’s a bit interesting and fun and it’s about celebrating the ridiculous things in life.”

If you want to give it a shot you need change your name to Burger via this form.

Then head quickly to send an email with a copy of the name to the Mr Burger team by 11:59PM on July 31.

Mr Burger will cover the change-of-name fee ($101.40) for anyone who actually goes through with it and there is no cap to the amount of winners.


The definition of ‘Burgers for Life’ is seven free burgers a week, forever but you must provide I.D each time.

If you already have the surname Burger, you don’t get burgers for life but you can email the company and they will give you vouchers.

Double Burger 4 Lyfe.


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