Oh god, it’s happening.

Calorie kings Five Guys is arriving on Australian shores on Monday the 20th of September, 2021!

Bringing a skeleton menu to Sydney in the Panthers Penrith… I’m so sorry to the rest of the country but hopefully, you’ll follow our lead soon.

Five Guys allows altering and customisation with your order AND you get unlimited free toppings and sauces!

Setting up shop at 123 Mulgoa Road, due to COVID-19, they’ll only be offering takeaway until lockdown ends.


Five Guys has revealed that their setup will feature their iconic red and white tiles, keeping it simple on the decor front so they can pump their money into making their food as good as it can get!

From hot dogs to burgers and sandwiches, Five Guys are famous for their handcut fries and milkshakes!

Looks like the Panther’s website takes us to their international menu, so we’ll be getting ALL THE GOODS!

We may need to wait a little bit longer for a Victorian store, but it’ll be worth the wait!

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