Avocado is so delicious, but it can be such a waste when the leftovers start to lose their freshness.

Many people have come up with ways to stop avos from growing brown, but one woman has worked out what is most definitely the easiest solution out there – and it really works!

In the video posted to social media platform TikTok, @kmag1 explains the trick to keeping your extra avocado fresh for longer is to simply dunk it, seed side down, in water!


Wait for it. It WORKS. #food #health #notachef #lifehack #foodhack #foryoupage #over30 #avocado #single

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Many people were delighted by the tip.

“Of course because air can’t get to it. Genius,” one user said.


“Omggggggg this is why I have TikTok. Thank you for doing the lord’s work,” another commented.

Although, many avocado lovers did take the opportunity to joke that they were surprised that there was any leftovers in the first place!

“I save my avocado half by eating it,” a viewer said.

“You has the will power to only eat half??” another questioned.

We’ll definitely be giving this a crack!


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