These days, we’re always told which knife to use first, no elbows on the table… god forbid a fork goes flying off the table. How embarrassing.

What if there was a place where you could finally have fun while eating and table etiquette could go out the window once and for all. It’s a bit of a pipe dream right?

Well, my friends, your dreams are coming true!

Seafood joint Kickin’Inn is finally opening its first Victorian restaurant in Port Melbourne on Friday June 18 and they are offering your messiest dining experience yet.

Here’s how it works – customers pick their catch which is covered in a special Kajun sauce, which consists of over 55 herbs and spices made from scratch every time you order and the spice level. The food is cooked up, served in a bag and poured straight onto the table.


There is no cutlery provided either. Instead, you’ll get a bib and gloves so you can chow down without worrying about spills. It’s all about the thrills!

To celebrate, Kickin’Inn will be welcoming Melburnians who come to the store on opening day with some delicious deals, including one dozen prawns and a choice of two glasses of wine or two soft drinks for $31.95!

Find Kickin’Inn at the iconic ‘Rose Hotel’ at 309 Bay Street, Port Melbourne. The restaurant swings open its doors on Friday June 18 – get stuck in! 


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