PappaRich is bringing it back, the ICONIC Nasi Lemak burger to all its stores nationwide from Monday 29th March.

The best part of this news is that it’s not going anywhere, it’s going to become a permanent feature on the franchise’s menu, so you can get your hands on it when you want, wherever you want.

It’s been 2 WHOLE years since we last got to taste the Malaysian styled burger which includes fried chicken, fried egg, crispy cucumber slices, peanuts, anchovies, mayo, lettuce and the iconic spicy-sweet sambal that makes the burger what it is.

If you simply can’t wait until Monday, which is so fair enough no judgement here, then download the DoorDash app which will exclusively be selling the burger until Sunday for you eager early birds!

And guess what?

DoorDash will be giving about 1000 burgers for only $1 if you spend over $15, just use the code: MALAYSIANBURGER at checkout!

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