We love a good fast food hack, especially when it comes to mixing items from the dessert menu into other everyday, boring orders.

There’s something about Macca’s desserts that just seem to lend themselves to being combined with other foods (you’re lying if you say that you’ve never dipped your Macca’s fries in your chocolate sundae and felt weird about just how delicious it was!)

Now people are going crazy about this new menu hack that combines two of Macca’s famous drinks.

The trend sees people ordering an espresso from McDonald’s along with a vanilla thickshake, and mixing the espresso shot in with the milkshake.

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The person behind the original video describes the end result as “actually stunning”.


A Melbourne man has set about trying out the viral trend, giving it a glowing endorsement.

Aussie TikTok influencer Brad Canning gave the hack a shot with our very own Aussie Macca’s coffee and says that the concoction is “probably the best life hack ever”.

Although not everyone was on board, with commenters quick to point out that the Macca’s menu already features a Coffee-flavoured shake. Although we would argue that a ridgy-didge espresso shot would beat coffee flavouring every day of the week.

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