Look, if you are as addicted to Maccas Monopoly as much as us, then you are deep into figuring out how to eat it every day and not gain weight.

And one thing you will be thinking is, what am I likely to win?

Well, behold, it’s most likely to be a fruit bag with 6,899,858 of them ready to be given away during the promotion.

If you are looking for something a little bit bigger, then get ready, as there’s also 985,000 Big Macs to be won AND 739,000 bacon and egg muffins.

However, in our humble opinion, we would love to be gifted a $25 McDelivery Voucher, of which there are 1,000 to be won or a Suzuki Vitara, of which there’s 2 to be won!

To win the Vitara, you are going to need Leicester Square, Coventry Street & Piccadilly to win, which we are going to have to really hunt down.

Get eating and if you win a Vitara, remember us, we told you what you needed.

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