A freshly-opened tub of ice cream is so delightful to get stuck into. It’s soft, creamy and you want to take as many scoops as you can…

Because once it goes back in the freezer, it’ll be covered in icicles the next time you want it – or otherwise known as freezer burn.

Does this sound familiar? Are you over having to run your spoon under hot water every time you want to eat dessert? Here’s the ‘scoop’…

You only need to do just one thing to fix the issue – just store your ice cream upside down!

According to science, gravity will kick in when the water in the ice cream evaporates and would usually re-freeze on top of the ice cream. Now, the icicles will wall to the lid and you’ll be less likely to ruin it.

There are other hacks out there, including wrapping tubs in cling wrap or popping them in plastic bags.

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