Finally, a life hack we can work with. A writer in the US has revealed a simple trick that turns cheap tasting wine into something you’d swear had come from an award winning winery.

While we’ve all been guilty of buying cheap wine before because frankly, it can taste good and it’s great for the bank balance, when you’ve got guests coming around for dinner you want something a little nicer.

Author of a new series of life hack books, Dan Marshall said simply pouring your budget wine into a blender and whizzing it around for 30 seconds will aerate it, allowing more flavours to develop, making it even more delicious.It’s understood the method ages the wine five years in 30 seconds. Pretty amazing!

If you don’t fancy blitzing your wine, a recent study revealed simply telling your friends wine is expensive will make it taste even better. Apparently preconceptions can actually alter the chemistry in the brain, making the drinker enjoy it more. Who knew!