It seems appropriate that we would draw this to your attention today on International Fried Chicken Day. 

We’re sure you already knew today was International Fried Chicken Day, we’ve got it marked on our calendars and have been counting down all year!

Foodies on the internet have begun sharing what we can only describe as the most inventive use of fried chicken yet. Combining succulent fried chicken with the caramelised sweetness of the Lotus Biscoff.

It’s absolutely an interesting combination, and it’s raised our eyebrows, but as one food Instagrammer writes: “Definitely do not knock it until you try it for yourselves!”

The trend simply sees the use of Biscoff spread either as a dipping sauce for fried chicken or as a condiment on a chicken burger.


What do you think of this idea? Salty/sweet genius or are we just taking our Biscoff obsession a step too far now?

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