Australians across the country were ecstatic when it was revealed that the iconic Polly Waffle chocolate bar would be returning to shelves. 

However, these things are always served up with a twist and there are now calls to make the 2020 reboot vegan thanks to an open letter by animal rights organisation PETA.

Written to the man behind the treat, Robert Menz, PETA has expressed that Australia’s dairy industry is a “huge drain on a natural resource in a nation that has faced ongoing drought and catastrophic bushfires.”

The letter goes on to discuss what happens behind the scenes at dairy farms:

“Every year in Australia, 400,000 male calves born on dairy farms endure a long, stressful journey to the abattoir when they’re still less than a month old. Meanwhile, female calves are raised to follow in the sad footsteps of their mothers – they’re repeatedly impregnated and relentlessly milked, until they’re considered “spent” and slaughtered at around 4 years old.

PETA has also pointed out that other brands have embraced the booming vegan industry, such as Drumstick, Four’N Twenty Pies and MILO.

At publishing, Robert Menz hadn’t made a comment about the possibility of a vegan Polly Waffle. Since the reboot was only announced mere days ago, it could be too soon to expect a new recipe. We shall see!

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