One man in Britan has been dubbed a hero for scoring himself free pizza every week for the rest of the year – using only his Twitter account!

You see, according to a report on Cosmopolitan, technology company O2 ran a promotion where they promised to deliver a free pizza to everyone who tweeted them their address. (Wow, right?)

Well, Dan May was one of those people, only he never got his free pizza, and feathers ruffled, he took to Twitter to let out his frustration.

That’s when rival company Three saw their chance to swoop in and steal the limelight.

Not to be upstaged, O2 upped the ante again…


And they pulled through this time, with Dan confirming that O2 set him up with weekly Dominos deliveries over the next 21 weeks.

Obviously knowing they won the pizza battle, an O2 spokesman tweeted: “We often like to surprise and delight customers and we’re pleased that we were able to put a smile on @dpmay’s face by giving him free pizza until the end of the year.” Smug much?


We all know that Dan is the REAL winner in this! Go Dan!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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