There was certainly some buzz around yesterday that Smith’s would be releasing a flavour of chips that no one had ever heard of, neigh, ever thought of before.

And now it’s been confirmed by the parent company Pepsico that the rather unique flavour is actually heading to supermarket stores very soon!

That’s right, Smith’s are actually going to put Lamington flavoured chips out in the world and we’ve never heard of anything more Aussie.

Of course, our first question was, what on earth will they taste like? According to Smith’s it’s going to be the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

“It’s then a matter of breaking down the flavour experience and finding key elements that can be translated to a seasoning,” they said in a statement.

“In our lamington chip you will find hints of flavours including chocolate, coconut, cream and butter!”

The Lamington chips will be released in Woolworths, Independents and selected Petrol and Convenience stores nationwide from January 1 2020 just in time for Australia Day!


So get ready to try the most unique chips flavour in the new year (if you dare!)

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